Lincoln Handcock Restoration
Emergency Response - Disaster Recovery and Flood Restoration - Associa

Emergency Response

Ready in times of need

Little else is more distressing than suffering damage to our home. That’s why Lincoln Hancock’s rapid response team puts boots on the ground to quickly estimate damage, make repairs, and get folks back to normal as soon as possible. Whether hail, fire, water, or severe storm, Lincoln Hancock is there when the going gets tough.

Plus, our restoration professionals know what it takes to deal with whatever nature doles out. Here’s just some of what we handle:

  • Earthquake damage – We inspect, repair, and restore earthquake-damaged property, including foundations and structural integrity.
  • Fire damage – We mitigate and restore fire-damaged property, including smoke damage.
  • Hail damage – We repair roofing, siding, windows, and more when the skies open up.
  • Water damage – We restore and mitigate in the wake of flooding and severe storms. Our restoration experts have the know-how to deal with mold and mildew damage caused by water.
  • Wind damage – We stabilize and repair homes in the wake of tornadoes and hurricanes and other wind emergencies.

“I needed to be back in my house by a certain date, and Lincoln Hancock did everything they could to make sure I was indeed in the house by then. They ensured that my home was exactly how it was before, from the color of the paint to the trimming on the doors. I felt that, as the customer, my preferences and needs always came first.”– Ahmed H. | Homeowner